Cat living in the menubar

The cat tells you the CPU consumption of Mac by running speed.

What is this?

RunCat provides a frame-by-frame animation to the menu bar.
Animation changes the speed depending on the CPU consumption of Mac.

Runners Store

Many other Runners are waiting for their turn.

Dog Cheetah Bird Dolphin
Bonfire Coffee Newton's Cradle Rocket

Runner Registration

You can register Self-made Runner. *

1. Draw your own Runner with a paint tool etc.

[Regulations of Images]

- Format: PNG

- Size: 36px in height and 10~200px in width.

- Number of sheets: 5

- Color: This system references only alpha value.

2. Open Runner Registration View.

3. Write Runner's name and select images.

- You can check your animation using preview.

- You can set the order of sheets.

4. Press the register button to complete registration.

5. You can delete registered Runner.

* This function is a fee-charging content.

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Takuto Nakamura